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B-flow specializes in solving technical challenges with Boomi: a unified platform that connects all of your technology investments. We connect your business to ensure your organization’s digital transformation.

B-flow believes in transparency across business, not a mystical black box. A complete understanding of your business comes from having control over your technologies and the important data they hold. By connecting your business you gain insights and empower your organization’s people, processes and applications to work together. This is where the Boomi Platform comes into play.


of businesses experience drawbacks as a result of poor integration.


of businesses feel that becoming more connected should be priority.


recognize the benefits of becoming a more connected business.

Customer cases

BNP Paribas Fortis Factor

BNP Paribas Fortis Factor, a unit of Belgium’s largest bank, has digitized its solutions for factoring, by which it provides upfront capital to businesses based on invoices yet to be paid by a business’ customers.

Called Easy2Cash, BNPPFF’s innovative factoring product replaces traditional manual processes with digital onboarding that’s faster, easier, and more transparent for factoring clients — and for the business itself.


Customer satisfaction is the top goal for third-party logistics provider Bleckmann, which ships more than 20 million fashion, lifestyle, and consumer electronics products a year to B2B and B2C customers.

With rapid growth in recent years, speed and agility became more important for Bleckmann to efficiently distribute goods from over 200 brand partners. Outdated technology and rising complexity made that difficult.

Bleckmann knew it needed to upgrade from an on-premises integration framework to orchestrate supply chain processes supporting global operations.

Igepa Belux

Igepa Belux wanted to make “frictionless” service part of its product offerings, so it developed a digital roadmap to increase and support innovation. The roadmap would allow the company to:

  • Connect ERP data to various best-of-breed software applications
  • Create user-friendly online interfaces to company products and services
  • Deliver the right data, at the right time, to customers and suppliers

Accomplishing these goals was essential to Igepa’s efforts to remain competitive, while executing its strategy of sustainability, diversification, and digitization.


Tosca, which offers an eco-friendly supply chain service that lets companies rent from a shared pool of 3 million reusable plastic pallets and containers to move and transport goods, launched an initiative called “ICT Connect” to modernize its business and IT infrastructure.

The initiative’s goals were to streamline operations, accelerate processes, enhance customer service and improve end-to-end visibility to make informed decisions. Such IT modernization would help the Belgian company sustain its double-digit revenue growth and continue to rapidly expand its more than 3,000 customers across 26 countries.

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